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 Hypnotic Techniques For Medical & Dental Professionals: Video workshop on 2 techniques for natural pain/fear relief ($349 Value)
 Because Words Matter: Video workshop about influencing patients ($249 Value)
 Hypnodontics at ICBCH: Recording of Juan's class about connecting the professions of hypnosis and dentistry at the HPTI/ICBCH conference 2019 ($149 Value)
 Dental Patient Support Audios: 3 audio programs you can share with your patients to improve their experience: 1) Mental Vacation, 2) Biteguard Support, 3) You're in Control ($149 Value)
 The Cooperative Tx. Plan Presentation: A flowchart that makes your treatment presentations easy and predictable ($97 Value)
 The No-Show Eliminator: The process to guide all your appointment confirmations and keep your schedule from breaking ($97 Value)
 The Testimonial Tree: Your easy step-by-step template to getting great video testimonials and reviews from patients ($97 Value)
 The "Best of The Best" Dental Podcast List: A growing list of carefully curated podcast episodes, mostly focused on improved communication skills, practice management, collections, influencing patients and best practices ($297 Value)
 More Content On The Way!: The content in the Hypnodontics Training member's lounge will continue to grow as more quality training products are developed ($$$?)
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